Billboard advertising dimensions

Outdoor advertising is all around us, as soon as we step out of the front door but what billboard advertising dimensions are available?. Which would be best for your campaign and business?

Showcase Outdoor offer the complete advertising package. We can design your advert, print your posters and put your message in front of millions of people.

Below is the billboard advertising dimensions ranging from 6 sheet advertising units to 96 sheet roadside billboards, Each in there own right can engage your target audience and drive sales and footfall to your business or event.

96 Sheet billboards

The 96 sheet billboard is the the pinnacle of all roadside formats. Double the size of a 48 sheet with double the impact. The 96 sheet can really put you brand and business on the map and can create a massive engagement with potential customers.

Costs for advertising on billboards in Bournemouth dorset

48 Sheet billboards

The 48 sheet billboard is the most popular large advertising format size that is favoured by national brands and most businesses of all sizes and budgets. 20ft x 10ft with high impact and can really make a statement.

48 Sheet billboard advertising

Our vast range of billboard advertising dimensions, formats and environments provide businesses with opportunities to make a massive impression within the local area.

32 Sheet billboards

This large format billboard is 14ft x 10ft in size,  Can help you target a large, relevant audience and make your message & business unforgettable. This size billboard is generally booked on a long term basis as we can offer great discounts for this format

32 sheet Billboard advertising

16 Sheet billboards

Cost effective outdoor advertising that can still engage your potential customers and sign post them to your business.


Our billboard advertising network

Whether you want local coverage with a single billboard to signpost customers to your business or regional coverage with multiple billboards we can offer it.

Advertise in one Town/City or multiple Towns/Cities. Advertise in one County or several Counties, we can achieve this through our network of billboards situated on major arterial roads and highly populated areas.

With all the different billboard advertising dimensions in our network, we give your business the opportunity to engage and interact with millions of potential customers on a daily basis.

Mobile billboards and Advans

Our mobile billboard advertising vans are on the road for up to 15 hours a day delivering your message to a large, relevant audience.


Illuminated 6 Sheets

6 sheets reach out at point of sale altering pedestrians and shoppers buying decisions. They are bespoke, illuminated and high end advertising units.

6 sheet advertising

A quick guide to the billboard advertising dimensions


  • 96 sheet – 40ft x 10ft
  • 48 sheet – 20ft x 10ft
  • 32 sheet – 14ft x 10ft
  • 16 sheet – 7ft x 10ft
  • 6 sheet – 1.8m x 1.2m

As you can see from the billboard advertising dimensions above, sizes vary. A key thing when planning an outdoor advertising campaign is not just size but also the location.

For example your business might get more enquiries from a 6 sheet as opposed to a 96 sheet as it is in the right location engaging your target audience.

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Diverse range of billboard advertising dimensions

With such a diverse range of billboard sizes, Outdoor advertising reaches everyone and can suit the needs of businesses from all sectors.

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