Billboard advertising costs

Ever wondered about billboard advertising costs? Whether they fit within your advertising budget and are affordable for your business?

Billboard advertising costs

There are several factors that affect billboard advertising costs, including billboard sizes, length of campaign, Poster printing and advert design work.

Billboard Sizes

The basic rule here is, the larger the space, the more it costs to rent.

A massive 96-sheet billboard (40ft x 10ft) costs more for advertisers because it is likely to gain more eyeballs and have a much greater impact.

Length of Campaign

The length of campaign refers to the time period during which your billboard advertising campaign is displayed. Billboards are generally booked on a 2 week cycle but we also offer great discounts and reduced billboard advertising costs for long term or multiple location campaigns. We have clients who book campaigns for open days or events, right through to clients who book 12 months with generic artwork.

Poster Printing

Showcase Outdoor offer the most competitive outdoor advertising print costs in the industry. When you book your campaign with us we offer poster printing as part of the billboard advertising costs, making our prime advertising locations cheaper than any other provider

Advert design work

If you have an in house designer thats great, we will provide the specifications and guidelines to create a successful advert. If you would like us to create the artwork all we would need is an outline of what you want to achieve and we will take care of the rest. Generally artwork creation can cost between £50- £100 but depending on the campaign length or locations we can waiver this fee

What are the billboard advertising costs in my area? 

Small businesses think that billboard advertising costs a lot of money and is out of their reach, but this simply not the case – Showcase Outdoor’s key focus is to make billboards affordable to companies of all sizes and not just big, national brands.

We believe that the results and ROI that national companies get from this high impact format should be accessible to everyone within the local area.

Showcase Outdoor do not have rate cards like other providers and due to this we are able to offer discounted billboard advertising costs on packages, long term bookings and  multiple locations.

98% of people in the UK see outdoor advertising every week

This is why billboard advertising costs are better than any other advertising format to reach out and engage a large, relevant audience. It is now more affordable for local businesses than ever.

What are the benefits and billboard advertising costs for booking long term? 

There are so many benefits of booking a billboard long term. These include discounted costs, adding prestige and notoriety to your business.

Businesses in the area have their billboard advertising costs reduced for booking on a long term basis of 3,6 and 12 months. Not only do they secure the space for their business, they also have a bigger return on investment and long term visibility within the local area.

Prime spots tend to get snapped up very quickly so get in touch with us  for the availability as soon as you have seen that perfect position.

Billboards are more cost effective than newspapers, TV and radio due to the amount of potential customers it can target within your local area.

Your message would get delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a massive, relevant audience.

Showcase Outdoor are independent outdoor media owners who make billboard advertising costs affordable to local businesses along the South, UK.

Outdoor advertising is cheaper than other advertising formats with comparable audience reach, and there are prices and packages available that suit all business sizes and budgets.

The return on investment (ROI) for outdoor advertising  is easily measurable, which means you can assess what’s worked.

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