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Billboard advertising costs for local businesses in the UK

Ever wondered about the cost of billboard advertising in the UK and whether they are affordable for your business?

I would like to know the cost of billboard advertising

The cost of billboard advertising for local businesses

Billboard advertising costs are often perceived to be an expensive advertising format to invest in, and only accessible to big, national brands. This couldn’t be further from the truth and now is the time for businesses of all sizes to utilise this very successful advertising medium due to the cost of billboard advertising being within reach.

Traditional billboards in the UK are now more accessible and cost-effective than ever before. Outdoor advertising fees start from as little as £100+vat per week.

The factors involved in the cost of billboard advertising

We have all the information below in order to guide you through the billboard advertising costs, process and factors involved.

Billboard Size

The basic rule here is, the larger the space, the higher the price of the billboard. This will also have an impact on poster production rates as the bigger the poster the more it costs to print.

48 sheet billboard costs

48 sheet billboards are 20ft x 10ft in size. The most popular and used outdoor advertising format within the UK.

whats the cost of billboard advertising

A 48 sheet billboard has a price tag of around £350+vat for a two week period. We do offer very good discounts for longer term and multiple locations bookings.

For example, Showcase outdoor can offer a 48 sheet for 12 months at a tariff of £500+vat per month.

96 sheet billboard costs

A massive 96-sheet billboard (40ft x 10ft) in size. They have a bigger asking price because it is likely to gain more eyeballs and have a much greater impact.

96 sheet billboard advertising costs

You could expect to outlay around £500+vat per 2 weeks but remember, double the size, double the impact and double the worth to your business. Again the costs of billboard advertising can be reduced if booked for a longer period

Campaign Length

The length of campaign refers to the time period during which your billboard advertising campaign is displayed. Billboards are generally booked on a 2 week cycle but we also offer great discounts and cheaper billboard advertising costs for long term or multiple location campaigns. We have clients who book campaigns for open days or events, right through to clients who book 12 months with generic artwork.

Production and artwork costs

When looking at the cost of billboard advertising, you need to make sure what providers are offering as part of their service. You should always determine if the price they have quoted includes the figure for designing artwork and poster production.

With all of the national outdoor providers an extra cost will be added for advert design and poster production. We do offer the best rates at a cheap cost of £50+vat for the creation of the advert and £70+vat for a 48 sheet poster print.

If a campaign is booked long term, there are incidences of us offering these as part of the campaign.


The frequency of your bookings

The same offer of discounts applies to regular and returning businesses. Customers who book multiple times throughout the year with us would have access to discounted billboard advertising costs.This will make your marketing expenditure go further.

What is the cost of billboard advertising for small businesses

How long should I book a billboard for?

As a business you should book space based on your with your marketing objectives. This could be based on budget and reasons as to why you are wanting to engage customers.

Are you:-

  • Promoting a new product, open day or event.
  • Trying to raise your profile and brand awareness.


Long term bookings campaigns tend to be more effective. It is proven that customers who are exposed to outdoor advertising advertising are 17% more likely to engage with brands. If you had a long term slot, imagine the results that your would get from repeat exposure and value for money.

Also the cost of billboard advertising in the UK will drop when you commit on a long term basis. This is a big reason why a lot of our clients book longer campaigns.

What is the cost of billboard advertising in my area? 

Businesses think that billboard advertising costs lots of money and out of their reach, but this simply not the case. Showcase Outdoor’s key focus is to make billboards affordable to companies of all sizes and not just national brands.

We believe that the ROI national companies get from this high impact format should be accessible to everyone within the local area.

Showcase Outdoor do not have rate cards like other providers and due to this we are able to offer discounted billboard advertising costs on packages, long term bookings and  multiple locations.

98% of people in the UK see outdoor advertising every week

This is why billboard advertising costs are better than any other advertising format to engage with a large audience. The expense to advertise is now more affordable for local businesses than ever.

What are the benefits and billboard advertising costs for booking long term? 

There are so many benefits of booking a billboard long term. These include discounted costs and adding prestige to your business.

Businesses in the UK have their billboard advertising costs reduced for booking on a long term basis. Not only do they secure the space for their business, they also have a bigger return on investment from their spend with long term visibility.

Prime spots tend to get snapped up very quickly so contact us  as soon as you see that perfect location.

traditional billboard advertising costs

Traditional billboard advertising costs V’s Digital

With the rise of digital in recent years it’s important to compare it with traditional billboard advertising costs.

Digital billboards can be costly and out of reach to most small businesses. As far as traditional billboards go, the charge is much more affordable along with greater benefits.

  • Paper billboards offer exclusivity – When advertising on digital billboards, you will be sharing the space with a minimum of 5 other advertisers. This will only give you 10 seconds coverage each minute. Whereas traditional billboards can be secured exclusively giving you solus advertising and maximum exposure.
  • Traditional billboard advertising costs are within reach – With digital billboards you would expect to pay around £1400-£2000 for a 2 week slot with 1/6th of the coverage. The cost of billboard advertising is more affordable with traditional formats as you would expect to pay £350 per 2 weeks which also allows exclusivity.
  • Advert transition – Digital runs the risk of consumers missing your message as they’re unable to read it fast enough before it changes.Traditional billboard are quite the opposite. Your business is the only one that is displayed and doesn’t get replaced by another advertiser after a few seconds.

The cost of billboard advertising is cheaper than newspapers, TV and radio due to the amount of potential customers it can target within your area.

Furthermore, Your message would get delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a massive audience.

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