Outdoor advertising for car dealerships

Saturday, November 3, 2018

outdoor advertising for car garages

Outdoor advertising for car dealerships

Ever considered why outdoor advertising for car dealerships works so well?. The simple fact is OOH advertising engages with motorists in the right place at the right time.

A recent study has shown that outdoor advertising is the most relevant media choice for car brands. As far as consumers are concerned, 50% of them stated that they are more likely to buy a car as a result of seeing outdoor advertising.

Why outdoor advertising for car dealerships?

Due to the cost, purchasing a car is not done on impulse. Consumers research with care when making a decision to buy. Outdoor advertising has a big affect on the car buying process as it prompts further research, dealership visits and online searches.

We know through research that people who have seen OOH advertising are more likely to learn about the businesses and products they have seen.

With 69% of the UK population choosing to travel to work in a vehicle, Outdoor advertising is perfect for engaging with the car dealers target audience. OOH advertising can target motorists in their environment and this will influence consumer behaviour.

Motorists in the UK spend so much time in their vehicles. This is mainly commuting to work, going to the shops or moving around their local area. OOH advertising targets potential car buyers in an environment that is contextual and relevant. As motorists are behind the wheel, they can relate to car advertising on a billboard which is also easy to visualise.

outdoor advertising for car dealerships

OOH advertising will drive online sales

A Nielsen study demonstrated how Outdoor advertising is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity. This represents both search and social media activity.

Through this study we know that OOH advertising is a powerful marketing tool when influencing potential customers when they are online browsing.

outdoor advertising for car garages

Using outdoor advertising for car dealerships

When dealerships are looking to use OOH advertising, the first rule is location.

You need to target roads within the local area that :-

  1. Have a high traffic count.
  2. Are popular commuter routes.
  3. Are close to the showroom in order to signpost potential customers.
  4. Have the right demographic who use them. (eg) affluent commuters = Promote Maserati Dealership.

Due to the size and impact, you should look to utilise 48 sheet and 96 sheet billboard sizes.These can easily capture the attention of motorists and be seen from extended distances.

car dealers using OOH advertising
Digital outdoor advertising v’s classic billboards? 

Digital outdoor advertising has made a massive impact on the marketplace in recent times.

Despite this, classic paper and paste billboards are more cost effective than digital. They also deliver a far greater return on investment.

Reasons to use classic over digital:-

  • Unlike Digital, You do not share the advertising space with classic billboards. Digital outdoor advertising displays 6 advertisers per minute. Due to this your business gets maximum exposure, providing better value for money.
  • Utilising classic billboards will make your marketing budget stretch further. You can look to use 5-6 billboard locations for a 2 week period for the price of one digital location.


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