Modern billboards that will get your business noticed

Sunday, May 12, 2019

types of modern billboards

Modern billboards that will get your business noticed

If you spend a lot of your time outdoors, chances are you will have seen 1000’s of modern billboards as you move around the area.

Companies and brands who use billboard advertising have a short window of opportunity to capture the attention of a passer by, so they are designed with bold colours, minimal text and a strong call to action. Billboards are designed to engage with consumers and make a lasting impression.

Although they look similar, there are different types of modern billboards for advertisers to choose from. They come in all sizes and costs and thats why they can fit into any budgets.

Therefore, lets take a look at some of the most common sizes.

48 Sheet billboards

One of the most common modern billboards is the 48 sheet. 20ft x 10ft in size and can make a big statement as it gets your message across from short and long distances. These are usually found near roadsides and busy traffic light junctions. 48 sheet billboard advertising costs are also very affordable.

modern billboards

96 sheet billboards

96 sheet modern billboards are 40ft x 10ft in size. Double the size of the 48 sheet which offers double the impact. These are great for getting your message across to commuters as they travel to and from work. Furthermore, British motorists spend the equivalent of two days a year stuck at traffic lights, So imagine the impact this size of billboard could have on motorists as they are static.

types of modern billboards

Digital billboards

The most modern billboards today are digital. These come in the same sizes as traditional billboards as well as much bigger. Digital billboards are normally erected in the busiest of all areas who have a high footfall and traffic count.

Digital outdoor advertising offers shorter lead times, no printing costs and flexibility to change advert copy during a campaign.

digital modern billboards

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