How much does billboard advertising cost in 2018?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

how much does billboard advertising cost

How much does billboard advertising cost?

This is the question that we get asked on a frequent basis. There is a perception that due to the sheer size, location and impact of a billboard that this advertising format is out of reach for local businesses and their budget.

Completely untrue in fact traditional billboards are cheaper and more cost effective than any other advertising format. It is now more accessible to businesses of all sizes than ever before and the costs of a billboard are well within reach.

Lets look at a few examples…..

Billboard advertising V’s Local newspapers

COST – Advertising in newspapers for one day is more expensive than advertising on a 48 sheet for 2 weeks. Please visit our page to see how much does billboard advertising cost.

EFFECTIVENESS – Don’t forget that local newspaper readerships decline year on year so you are paying the same price for a smaller audience as well as being lost amongst editorial and sandwiched in between your competitors.

Lets talk about local glossy magazines. These are often crammed full with advertisers that have hardly any editorial content meaning the consumer will pick the magazine up once get bored and not even entertain picking it up the next month. They talk about readerships, with things like “we distribute 50,000 copies copies per month” when in fact there is no proof of this at all, they have no ABC readership and distribution figures to back this up.

More and more people are spending their lives outside. In fact 70% of our waking lives is spent out of home, commuting to work, socialising with friends and shopping.

Billboard advertising engages this highly alert audience moving around the local area signposting them to your business driving sales. Our prominent advertising locations you will not share a billboard with anyone else and you will be a solus advertiser.

REMEMBER – 79% of the people in your area never read the local newspaper

BUT…. 87% people within the local area will see outdoor advertising this week

Billboard advertising V’s Commercial radio

COST – Advertising on radio is very expensive when you add up the amount of time slots that you need along with the production of your jingle and advert. Billboard advertising offers the complete package from the media space, poster printing, advert design and poster fixing at rates to suit businesses and budgets of all sizes.

EFFECTIVENESS – Radio needs to be invited, by this we mean that you have to tune into the station to listen so potentially your advert could not even be heard by your desired audience. Billboards are unavoidable and cannot be switched off or turned over like a radio station. Billboard advertising delivers your message and brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

REMEMBER – 61% of the people in your area never listen to commercial radio.

BUT…. 87% people within the local area will see outdoor advertising this week.

Billboard advertising V’s Online advertising

EFFECTIVENESS – Online advertising comes in various forms from leaderboards, MPU’s, Ad choices, skins and online directories.

How annoying is it when you looking at a website on your smart phone and you have to keep clicking to remove the banner that has just popped up?

The fact of the matter is this form of advertising is intrusive and the least welcomed by the public, they feel that the advertising message is getting forced onto them and have now started ADBLOCKING, Meaning they have switched off the display of adverts, these will not get viewed but you are still paying for them

Through research we know that outdoor advertising is the most welcomed advertising format in the marketplace.

In Summary…….. Advertising that is welcomed, relevant and unavoidable yet un-intrusive has to be money well spent.

How much does billboard advertising cost compared to other forms of advertising?

Local newspapers – One page for one day – £500

Radio – multiple slots over the month – between £1400-£5000

Online advertising – buying millions of impressions per month – between £1000-£3000

How much does billboard advertising cost ?

 1 x 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft) billboard for 2 weeks on a busy arterial road with over 1.2 million vehicles driving past your advert –   £350

How much does billboard advertising cost compared to digital billboards

Cost comparison between digital and traditional Billboards

With the significant rise in digital recently its important to highlight the cost comparison between the both.

Digital is very costly and largely out of reach to the vast majority of small businesses.

Not only are traditional billboards more affordable, but they also have great advantages over digital.

Here are a few reasons as why you should choose traditional billboards

  • Traditional Billboards Offer Exclusivity 

When advertising on digital, you will share the advertising space with on average six other businesses. Which means you will have less time to engage with your potential customers.

In contrast, traditional billboards offer exclusivity and solus advertising. You will not share the space with anyone else, giving you maximum exposure.

  • Traditional Billboards are more accessible now than ever

As digital is all the rage at the moment amongst national brands the availability for traditional billboard advertising has become available for local businesses. This means that it is now easier and cheaper to promote your brand in high profile positions.

How much does billboard advertising cost compared to digital?

Digital comes at a premium. You can look to pay around £1400 per 2 weeks to advertise on a digital billboard. At the same time your advertising message will be displayed for 10 seconds within a minute.

Whereas traditional 48 sheet billboard advertising costs £350 per 2 weeks and you have exclusivity.


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