High impact billboards in Newport Isle of Wight

Billboards in Newport Isle Of Wight

Newport is the main shopping area of the Isle of Wight and often referred to as the islands capital. In Newport you will find large high street retailers and supermarkets as well as some local shops, delis, butchers and pubs and restaurants.

Newport has the highest population count on the Isle of Wight along with the highest traffic count making billboards a must if you want to reach out to thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.

Showcase Outdoor’s billboards are situated on the busiest arterial road going into and out of Newport Town centre. Using billboards  can alter people’s purchasing decisions, raise awareness of sales, tourist attractions and they can even act as point of sale.

Two massive 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft) billboards situated on the busiest road on the island, Fairlee Road can really put your business and brand in tourists and residents mindset. A High impact location with a great artwork creative has the potential to increase business turnover and footfall.

More cost effective than local press, glossy magazines, radio and online due to the amount of people that see them.

Why Billboards in Newport Isle Of Wight

  • Billboards in Newport Isle of Wight will display your message 24 hrs a day,7 days a wee
  • Cannot be switch off or turned over unlike other advertising
  • With Showcase Outdoor you do not share space with any other advertisers and your message is delivered continuously and solusly.
  • Your message will not get lost amongst your competitors.
  • High impact and memorable.

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