Billboard advertising in Portsmouth

Billboard advertising in Portsmouth is a must if you want your message to reach a massive, relevant audience. Showcase Outdoor have a portfolio of billboards located at strategic places throughout Portsmouth City ensuring your advertising message and brand gets seen by millions of potential customers every month.

Our billboard advertising locations are on the major arterial routes into and out of the City. Ranging from 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft) billboards to 96 sheet (40ft x 10ft) billboards, these can really make a massive impact on sales, footfall at events and brand awareness.

We can put your brand and message in front of tourists leaving and entering all the major ports, Portsmouth International Port and ferry terminals heading to and from the Isle Of Wight.

Why billboard advertising in Portsmouth?

We offer some of the best billboard advertising locations in and around Portsmouth.

87% of people in Portsmouth see outdoor advertising every week.

88% of people have remembered an outdoor advert 30 minutes prior to making a purchase.

Over 1.5 million vehicles drive past our billboards every month.

Nearly 8 million visitors each year shop, eat and socialise at Gunwharf Quays.

Over 740,000 visitors to the Historic Dockyard each year.

9.2 million tourists visit Portsmouth each year with a £600 million spend.

Who see’s billboard advertising in Portsmouth?

Interact with students.

The University of Portsmouth is ranked among the top 50 universities in the UK and billboard advertising in Portsmouth can interact with over 25,000 students. Students enjoy socialising with friends, shopping and clubbing. Our billboards can put your business or event in front of this large, relevant audience.

Tempt Shoppers.

Portsmouth has put itself on the map for one of the best shopping destinations along the South Coast with its vibrant, independent shops and Gunwharf Quays that houses some of the best designer brands in the world. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and Hugo Boss.With over 8 million shoppers visiting Gunwharf Quays every year. Billboard advertising in Portsmouth can act as point of sale and alter their purchasing decisions.

In fact 88% of people recall an outdoor advert 30 minutes prior to purchasing making billboard advertising in Portsmouth a must to drive sales and footfall.

Signpost Tourists.

Portsmouth has a rich maritime history and naval background. The city is one of the South’s leading tourist destinations from people all over the UK to international tourists who use the International Port.

Tourists generally have a high disposable income and are keen to spend on tourist attractions, souvenirs, restaurants and much more to get a feel for the culture and history of Portsmouth.

Reach residents.

Lets not forget about the massive amount of residents who go about their everyday lives moving around the local area. Billboard advertising in Portsmouth can engage these people as they commute to work, shop, eat and meet friends. They see the same billboard advert several times a day making it more memorable with a higher recall.

What are the benefits of booking billboard advertising in Portsmouth on a long term basis? 

There are multiple benefits of booking a billboard long term. These include discounted costs, adding prestige and notoriety to your business.

Your competitors in the area understand the value of billboard advertising in Portsmouth and prime locations tend to get booked up quickly so it is best to get in touch with us quickly for the availability as soon as you have seen that perfect position.

87% of people in the area will see outdoor advertising every week

This is why billboard advertising in Portsmouth is a no brainer and perfect to reach a large audience.  Its also really cost effective advertising and now more affordable for local businesses than ever.

How much does it cost to use billboard advertising in Portsmouth? 

Businesses think that billboard advertising in Portsmouth is expensive and out of their reach, but this simply untrue – We at Showcase Outdoor believe that billboards should be affordable to companies of all sizes and not just big, national brands.

Our mission is to make this high impact form of billboard advertising in Portsmouth affordable to everyone within the local area.

Showcase Outdoor are not bound by national rate cards like other providers and we are able to offer discounted packages and lower costs for multiple locations

Reach out to millions of potential customers with billboard advertising in Portsmouth

People spend a lot of time outdoors and billboard advertising in Portsmouth is the perfect solution to reach them as they move around their local area.

Whats the availability for billboard advertising in Portsmouth? 

Showcase Outdoor have availability on prime billboard advertising in Portsmouth and the suburbs.

All of our billboard locations are situated on main arterial roads into and out of the City ensuring your advert gets seen by millions of potential customers every week.

Benefits of billboard advertising in Portsmouth

Businesses need to use billboard advertising in Portsmouth

Local businesses know that billboard advertising in Portsmouth is a perfect way to get their business noticed by millions of new and existing customers within the local area.

79% of people in Portsmouth never read a newspaper and 61% of people never listen to commercial radio, This is a lot of potential sales that you could be missing out on. Billboards can’t be switched off or turned over. The benefit of billboard advertising in Portsmouth is that consumers will interact with them multiple times throughout the day leading to strong memory recall of your business.

Billboard advertising in Portsmouth is an invaluable tool for brand awareness and directional campaigns. Other benefits of using billboard advertising:

  • Outdoor advertising creates lasting impressions
  • Targets consumers in the active space
  • Reaches an urban and mobile audience

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