Billboard advertising in Torquay

Signpost tourists

Torquay is a popular holiday destination situated on the south coast of Devon on the English Riviera. 

With a total of 2.4 million holiday makers and day visitors per year and a £240 million total visitor related spend, grab the attention of this audience with a high disposable income using high impact outdoor advertising locations.

Engage loyal residents

With a 65,000 strong population, billboard advertising in Torquay gives you the opportunity to reach out to this affluent, loyal audience of potential returning customers

Billboard advertising in Torquay on the busiest arterial roads in and out of the town and densely populated areas will put your business in the spotlight giving you the opportunity to interact and engage with your target audience.

Billboard advertising in Torquay

Reasons for billboard advertising in Torquay

  • Deliver your advertising message exactly where you need it and when you need it!!
  • Solus advertising space means you’re not surrounded by competitors or other advertisers.
  • Your message cannot be turned off, switched over or turned over unlike TV, newspapers or the radio
  • Create strong visual exposure for your business, brand and message
  • Cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums in the in the Torquay and Torbay area.
  • Quick roll out from booking to printing to displaying your advert.

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